Why Forgesafe?

Multifunctional Design- A Forgesafe bench is an investment that will elevate your decor while keeping your valuables safe. Every time you look at your bench, you can admire it’s handcrafted beauty while knowing it’s secrets.

Accessibility- Our safes are furniture, so you can keep them out in the open instead of hiding them in a hard to reach area of the home. The safe can  be opened in less than a minute in an emergency. To reach safe contents this quickly, we only offer digital combination locks.

Safety- We believe that safety is the number one rule of responsible gun ownership. You can rest easy knowing that your firearms are locked away from unsuspecting children but you can still access them very quickly and easily.

Hidden- Beautiful camouflage keeps your valuables hidden from prying eyes. No one will suspect that you have hidden a safe in plain sight.

Burglary Protection- Our safes are made of 14 Ga. steel with drill resistant hard plate in the door. They feature a 2 way locking bolt system with six 1” solid steel locking bolts. They also have a pry resistant recessed door and reinforced door jamb. 

Fire Protection- Because our safes are low and parallel to the floor, they keep your valuables cooler during a fire. This area can be as much as 500 degrees cooler than the air above. In addition, our safes are fire resistant to 1400 degrees for 45 minutes.

Maximum Storage- Horizontal safes allow you to place items along all edges and in the corners thus utilizing every square inch of space. Items can also be stacked in layers by using shelves or gun rests. 

Weight Distribution-Our horizontal safe distributes it’s weight over an area more than 4 times larger than the same size safe placed upright. This means less stress on your floors and more flexibility on where you can place it.

Anchored- Forgesafe Furniture will pre-drill anchor holes and supply you with anchoring hardware so you can bolt your furniture to the floor. We recommend this as a theft deterrent.


Custom Made In USA