When you think of a gun safe you might think of a big, hulking safe that looks more like it should be in a bank vault than in a family home. Forgesafe is here to change your idea of what a gun safe can look like and how it can function in your home.

Forgesafe Protects Your Family

  • Your weapons need to be kept out of untrained hands, especially the hands of children These gun safes lock up tight, but are still quickly accessible should you need a weapon for home security.
  • We use only digital combination locks for fast access.

Forgesafe is Protection from Burglary

  • Burglars love to steal guns from a home and often come prepared to gain access to low-security safes.
  • Our safes are stealthy! No one will know it’s a gun safe!
  • These hidden gun safes lock tight with a 2-way locking bolt system and six one-inch steel locking bolts.
  • It also has pre-drilled holes in the bottom. You can then anchor the safe to the floor, further stifling burglars.

Forgesafe Protects Other Valuables Too

  • A specially-designed gun rest lifts five rifles or similar off the floor of the safe, creating space for jewels, documents, or handguns and ammo below.
  • Because it’s horizontal, you will be able to use every inch of space, including corners.

Forgesafe Provides Fire Protection

  • Your guns are valuable, of course, but documents and fine-jewelry needs protection too, and not just from theft.
  • Our safes are fire resistant up to 1400 degrees for 45 minutes so your possessions will stay safe.

Forgesafe gun safes protect your valuables, while still retaining beauty and practicality.

Forgesafe: A Beautiful Addition to Your Home

  • You won’t have to field complaints from the resident interior decorator when you have a Forgesafe gun safe in your home.
  • The tufted top and insets of stylish materials will blend with most home decor.
  • The horizontal nature of Forgesafe gun safes mean the weight distribution will not damage your home’s structure like vertical safes can.

Maximum Storage

Our patent pending gun rests elevate 5 long guns off the floor of the safe so you can fill it up with more long guns, handguns, ammo, or other valuables.

Maximum Protection

Our safes are made of heavy duty steel with drill resistant hard plate in the door. Six 1” solid steel locking bolts, a pry resistant recessed door, and a reinforced door jamb keep thieves out.
Fire rated 45 minutes at 1400 degrees.